Saturday, June 23, 2007

Estate Sale

Today I decided to do something for me and I sat at an estate sale all day. I had a great time watching the wordly goods of one of the town's citizens being auctioned off and dispersed throughout the community.

I purchased a few things that completely delighted me....the first thing I purchased was a funeral basket and if I haddn't bought another thing the rest of the day I would have gone home happy. But I can't just sit there all day and not bid on a few things to keep me awake. So I came home with a lovely chenille bedspread, an ironstone pitcher, a shabby chic creamy colored tray and a pretty oval dish with roses on it. I got a few more things that came with the stuff I really wanted and then called it a day at about 3 p.m. I managed to only spend $32 and had at least that much fun. I thought I'd come home and be productive but I washed everything and then lost all ambition.

Here is a photo of todays treasures!