Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorite Flower!

Each week when I walk out into my gardens I see something that makes me smile and think "oh, they are my favorite!"  This week it is the iris, last week I was admiring the Lupine and the week before that as I smelled the Lily of the Valley I remembered that was one of my favorites.   Our lilac season seemed very short to me this year, I only had one or two bouquets in the house and they were gone!  I guess flowers are a little like children...they are all favorites, we love them all!   

 I have several varieties of iris, I am amazed at all the lovely colors available.  I am impressed by the very little amount of work required to maintain these beauties!  Just plant and forget about them.

This weekend summer officially arrives....  I just love summer and the flowers and warm weather!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day!

It's Memorial Day weekend and our first picnic at the pond for the summer.  We ate, we crafted, we rode 4-wheelers, played in the sand and just had an enjoyable time!  Many more good times at the pond this summer since last week we bought a travel trailer.  Tim and Emily have already moved theirs in and ours will be coming soon.

Theses are the beads that Molly made.  She made a bracelet out of hers.