Monday, January 31, 2011


Every winter while all the "winter" people are out sled riding, ice skating and skiing I'm sitting next to the fireplace enjoying the atmosphere and breathing in the fragrance of narcissis!  I love the smell of them, they are the first flower of the year for me.  

This year my narcissis are a bit of a disappointment....   I bought a lot of them and planted some up for my sister and a couple pots full for me but only about half of them are growing.  I'm not giving up yet but not real hopeful either...  I'll give them a couple more weeks.   Here is a photo of the ones that are growing.  Hard to believe that just these few flowers scent my whole living room, but they do!  

I may get a snow day this week and more time with my narcissis while they are still blooming!  The weatherman is calling for ice and snow.  I'll work at home if we get the ice they are calling for.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy New Year

I can hardly believe that I haven't posted since Thanksgiving!   Today I finished a small (5x7) wall hanging that I thought I'd share.  I've been keeping up with the daily stuff, cooking and cleaning and working but not much else.   Finally I went to the dr. and then physical therapy for my aches and pains and I'm now feeling much better, so hopefully I'll soon have the energy to finish some projects around here.