Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Sorry Blogger Friends, I've been experiencing blogger block and life so I haven't been blogging lately. So today is my Thanksgiving update. My sister from CT came down to Penna for a few days and her daughter Meg surprised us all and came in the night before and stayed till yesterday. Lindy's son, Tim who lives locally also came for dinner. We had a nice day and I ate way to much.

On Black Friday I took the day off work and shopped till I was ready to drop. I have decided that I am getting to old to enjoy the chaos at the mall. It was fun if you didn't actually want to buy anything. But I'm the kind of shopper who buys something from one store and something from another store and sort of shop around. There were some bargains to be had if ya needed that stuff or didn't mind standing in the lines. I got a few things for Molly since she was with me. She and I shopped together for a couple hours and then she had to go to work and I hit the speciality stores.

After leaving the mall I went to a nearby town. I discovered a new scrapbooking store that was loaded and having a sale! Next stop, the Street of Shops, it was my first time there... I don't know how I have missed that place for the past 20 years or however long it's been there... I went to an antique shop as well where I found a lovely slip that I'm calling a skirt for my dress form, "Miss Frannie".

Also on the list of places to stop was the Village Stitchery Shop in Mifflinburg, it in an old school house and the owner is so sweet. She remembers everyone who comes into her shop and chats with everyone. She caters mostly to the cross stitchers and carries lots and lots of counted cross stitch patterns, fabric and thread. I go there for thread for my crazy quilting. I like the DMC perle cotten in various thicknesses to add texture to my pieces. Another must stop on my list is the Mifflinburg Country Home and Garden... not sure of the name but it never disappoints as far as the artistic quality of displays. The owner of this place is very creative and has done some fabulous displays in the past. This year they have lots of theme trees. I bought a lovely tiara for Molly's pink tree at her house. She will love it and I'm guessing it will go with the rest of the tiaras she has been collecting. My last stop was the thrift shop which yielded nothing... oh well.

I came home and needed a nap and then I was awake and ready to start decorating. So I'll soon be sharing those photos!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Looks can be deceiving!

Last week Molly called, her roommate hates her kitten and she had to get rid of it. So, guess who has the kitten! Ok, the photo of the kitten is not a very good one because none of it's personality comes through on this photo. The photo shows a sweet little kitten when in reality the kitten is into everything and jumps from one piece of furniture to another....he climbed up my jeans leg yesterday while I was sitting at the table, and he scratches and bites! I don't know what I was thinking when I said I'd take the kitten... We have two cats and two dogs so I am not an animal hater, I just have reached a point in my life where I have nice things and would prefer not to have them batted onto the floor by an inquisitive kitten. I'm guessing my Christmas will be ruined by a kitten that will climb into the Christmas tree and stop at nothing until the tree is undecorated. Tonight I tried stitching during the football games and there was no way that was going to work... I can forget knitting for sure... How am I going to cope with this kitten...anyone have any ideas? The roommate is moving out in May and Molly wants him back then.
Anyone want a lovely playful kittie till May? Lindy?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Penn State Proud

I'm a football fan. Particularly I like college football, my husband graduated from Penn State and that makes us Penn State fans. Even our dogs have caught the Penn State fever this year, the Penn State team is doing great and could very well have an undefeated season. Last weekend I made Penn State scarves for both our dogs. Here is a photo of Stewie showing off his!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Knitting!

Last week I stopped by the local yarn and fabric shop to get material to make Halloween scarves for my dogs and noticed a lovely scarf that had been knitted. I looked on the internet and found a free pattern that looked like what I remembered that scarf to look like. One night I knitted it with some yarn I had on hand. What I had was not really what the pattern called for but it was close enough to inspire me to go back to the yarn shop and find the ribbon yarn that the pattern called for. I also found a yarn called Moonlight Mohair to go with it and started knitting. This scarf is on #17 needles so one evening of knitting and it's done!

Today I fought the urge to go to Joann's fabric shop to see what they had that I could use to make a scarf for my daughter..... I lost the fight and came back $50 poorer... Oh, the pretty ceramic turkey, tea pot and tea cup were on sale that I was watching so, I spent some of that $50 on those other necessary items.

So, here is my finished scarf.