Monday, October 24, 2011

Productive Weekend

This weekend I was determined to do some painting and get some projects finished for the shop.  Here is a photo of the stuff that I was able to finish or just about finish.  I need to make a cushion for the bed I am calling a dog bed.  I think that will be really cute when finished.   I love the little stool that I repainted and reupholstered.  I don't think that will stay at the shop very long. 

I also painted a cute little message board that I found at a yard sale on Saturday.  I have been selling a lot of those but none as cute as this one with the tulips on it.  The doll bed I'll be using to display pillows this weekend at a friend's open house.  A small white box will be perfect to put potpourri in at the shop and the other finished project is a kid's chair.  It is really sturdy and very nice, I'm keeping it for now. 

I've got a couple more projects that aren't ready to show yet.....  I love that Annie Sloan paint!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beaver Fair

I've been so busy that I haven't taken time to blog....  last week was the Beaver Fair and I entered a couple pillows that I've recently made.  I got first prize for each of these as well as "hobby, 5 or more specimens" which also was crazy quilting, I just didn't photograph them. 

Anyhow, the large pillow along with another one I finished earlier this week are both over at Street of Shops in my booth for sale.  I'm working on another one that will soon join them.

Just finished this one this afternoon.....