Monday, July 27, 2015

Welcome Zippy

It's been about a month since we said good-bye to our old faithful friend Stewart and already we are welcoming a new puppy to our family.  I'm so glad that Mr. Kay reminded me that it is much easier to go through all the training in the summer rather than late fall.  So I searched for a mini golden doodle and finally made a decision and made an appointment to check out this little guy.  

It was love at first sight..... I can't say enough about the disposition of this puppy, he is just the sweetest thing.  I was prepared to spend a few sleepless nights but the first night we had him I put him in his crate and said soon as the light went out he started whining.  I told him I was right here and it was ok, and we didn't hear another peep from him til morning. 

I wasn't sure I had it in me to train yet another dog but I think it may all work out all right after all!  Stay tuned....there is bound to be a few more chapters to this one!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I'm not really an outdoor person....  I like gardening and I love a summer tan, but the woods and hiking are pretty low on the list.  That said, almost every weekend we go to the pond in the mountains for relaxing and food with friends and family.  

We also go there during the week and take care of the weeds and to cut back the natural growth from the picnic and living area to keep the snakes and wildlife at least while we are there.  

Check out the tree!  That is a 6 foot black snake crawling up to check out the bird's nest.  Apparently there were no birds or eggs in the nest because once he checked it out, he came back down the tree and eventually slithered away.  Ugh....  So while back at the pond it won't be enough to watch where you are walking, I will also have to look up to make sure there are no snakes in the trees!  

A couple of us voted to kill the snake!  But Mr. Kay (who calls himself the chairman of the board) vetoed that idea and the snake lived to terrorize us again.