Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Shower

Saturday was a very special day for my daughter...she was the guest of honor at a baby shower.  She is expecting her first child and my first grandchild in August.  I'm very excited because shopping for a little girl is such a joy!

She got a lot of lovely presents and now she can start shopping to fill in the spaces.    

I had a wonderful caterer and the food was perfect.   I made a punch and floated a rubber duck in the punch bowl. 

The guests all took home a cupcake. 
A couple of the KD girls even made the trip.  Every time they get together there is a photo shoot involved....They are all such sweet girls.  Molly is blessed to have such special friends.

Everyone had a great time....thanks to all who came and helped make the day special.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby Shoes

I'm hosting a baby shower for my daughter next weekend.  This weekend was all about the details.  Since I am using card tables I need a small centerpiece and so I decided to use baby shoes!  I was hoping to find vintage shoes, but since I was on a time crunch I decided to go with what was available....  here are the supplies I used: 

baby shoes, bits and pieces of lace and seam binding, buttons, beads, what ever you want....and a votive cup.  I found that a votive cup was the perfect size to slip into a shoe to hold a bouquet of flowers.
I used a glue gun to add the decorations. 

Here's the other one.  I've seen them with a pin cushion added, but I really like the fresh flowers!