Monday, August 27, 2007

Shabby Swap

One of the gals on my shabby cottage list knew I was interested in learning silk ribbon embroidery and suggested that we do a swap. It turns out that we are both crazy quilters and she wanted some fibers for her stash of stuff so we sent each other an envelope of goodies and I am so excited to have gotten lots of ribbons to play with and cute little buttons and yo yo's that she had made and well just a crazy quilter's delight. Here is a photo of the stuff she sent me. Thanks so much Melissa of the Cottage Rose.

Now I have to get busy and use some of the goodies she sent. I just ordered a beginners guide to silk ribbon embroidery from Amazon along with a book on left handed embroidery. I am getting a lot of money invested in this lastest hobby of mine but I don't really have a lot to show for my investment yet! Oh did I mention that I spent another $50 at joggles this week on silk threads and stuff I'm sure I'll need and I plan to enroll in the encrusted embroidery class that starts in October. I have a birthday coming up in September so I'll use some birthday money for that indulgence.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Favorite Things

Well Molly has been gone for a week, last year at this time she was checking in daily with a report. This year she has a boyfriend with whom she checks in with daily, I get no report. So, I have eaten everything in site during the past week as I adjust again to the empty nest. I really need to get a new plan for next week! I have been keeping myself busy up until tonight and now I am just really restless and bored. So I am entertaining myself reading blogs and thinking about stuff….

So how about a list of some of my favorite stuff: I love quilts, here is a stack of some of my favorite vintage quilts. Dishes…..I like to eat off pretty dishes and I have a few sets of them as well as some odd ones that make me feel good. I like my front porch. I like to sit on my front porch and enjoy watching people go by, I enjoy watching the kids practice soccer or baseball on the athletic fields across the street and I enjoy my gardens in the summer although as I am getting older they are becoming harder to take care of. My gardens may not make my “favorites” list in a few more years.

What are your favorite “things” that bring you enjoyment?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to College

Why does one kid need so much “stuff”? We moved Molly back to college on Sunday. Two vehicles were not enough to get all her “stuff” transported. Lucky for me, her boyfriend volunteered to bring a truck and help us out. He was a big help and did all the heavy lifting!

We had about 2 hours to start unpacking before Amy, her roommate got there with all her stuff….I think she brought as much as Molly did so between the two of them, they should have everything they will possibly need. We did need another $50 trip to Walmart and then I called it a day.

Meg wanted to come home and get ready for her move to her college tomorrow. Her dad will be here in the morning to help her. So, after she leaves I’ll be cleaning and then doing whatever I want for the next month until Al comes back from Alaska. I am looking forward to the time for just me!

I’ll post my projects and progress…

Friday, August 10, 2007

Needle Book

Last weekend I made this needle book out of a cutter quilt I had in the basement. I like the way it turned out and it sure is convenient to have my needles handy when I want to stitch.

Today I discovered that the out of the way somewhat local fabric store has a very good supply of pretty cotten fabrics and I even noticed some satins and a few other interesting fabrics in there as well.

I purchased a few more fabrics that I think will work with the new project I am working on.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Crazy Quilting

I needed a new hobby so that I can play with my crafty friends twice a month. We take the crafts we are working on and have an evening of fun working on our projects and enjoying each others artistic endeavors. I decided on crazy quilting. I got the idea when I accidently stumbled on a beautiful crazy quilt square on the internet and then I joined a yahoo group for newbie crazy quilters and the rest is history!

My first project was a cell phone case. I am attaching photos of the front and back of it.