Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

I am a bit of a closet "Twlight" fan. I read the books in about a month's time and stood in line to watch the movie last night with hundreds of other fans. The movie seemed to follow the book closely and was enjoyable...of course they are never as good as the book, but the movie was pretty good and I even liked the ending....leaving the fans wanting more!

What surprised me was the number of adults in the audience.... a lot more older fans than I ever imagined would be there.

If you read the books and enjoyed them, you won't be disappoointed in the movie although if you are an Edward fan, be prepared... he pales in comparison to the wolves.....just saying

Thursday, November 5, 2009

1st Christmas Post of the Season

This is the year that I will send Christmas cards and I will not be wrapping Christmas gifts on Christmas eve!

That’s right, I’m thinking about all that has to be done before the holidays and I’m getting it organized in my head and on paper and have actually begun to check some items off the “to do” list already.

Yesterday I purchased this picture that I have already hung in the kitchen to replace one that I had of autumn pumpkins. I’ve decided that in an effort to make this easier I am putting away all signs of fall so I will be ready to decorate the day after Thanksgiving (after I get home from shopping). I have always kept all my fall decorations out until after Thanksgiving because I have the Thanksgiving meal at my house. However, Thanksgiving seems to be late this year and so I may go with a different plan.

Ok fellow bloggers, when do you all get out your Christmas decorations? Would the Thanksgiving dinner be ruined by a few signs of Christmas? I’m getting anxious to get the Christmas stuff out, are you?

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Contacts

I've worn contact lenses since 1970, I started out with hard lenses and then after many years moved onto gas permeable which I have worn until Friday! This past Friday was my introduction to soft lenses. They are so comfortable and I can see much better at night to drive, no glare, so they sound just about perfect and I'm almost wondering why it has taken me so long to get them. There is one small hitch, one big difference between gas perm and soft lenses and that is that I have to put my fingers in my eyes to take them out and I'm having a really hard time with that.

I have acrylic fingernails and that may be part of the problem, I'm afraid I'll tear them, or I don't know, I'm afraid if I get the tips of my fingers in to pull out the lenses that my nails will scratch my eye... I'm not sure what my problem is. Tonight I decided to take them out about 8 p.m. and somehow I managed to move the contact off my eyeball and I lost it in my eye.... of course my first reaction was to panic.....which was not productive at all. Then I called my daughter who works at Lenscrafters and surely has dealt with other uncoordinated customers....her advice was to keep trying and add a bit of saline solution. So I kept at it, and prayed, and finally got it out. My husband suggested that maybe I should have gotten a new pair of glasses instead of soft lenses!

So wish me luck... I'm going to give it another shot tomorrow!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blogger Block

I haven’t been blogging lately, but I’ve continued to read all of the blogs I enjoy. I just wasn't feeling the need to blog or didn't have anything to blog about! Last week, or was it the week before? I made soap. I used to make it and sell it but when I got a real job with regular hours and a regular paycheck I stopped making soap. Now I make about 4 pounds about once a year so I have it to give as Christmas gifts. As I was smelling the various fragrance oils that I use for soap making I was thinking I really should do it more often….but my weekends are usually busy and it takes me about 5 hours to make a batch of soap from start to finish so I need a whole day and I don’t usually have a whole day.

Today is the first day of November already and I am hoping that this is the year I am ready for Christmas in time to sit down and enjoy it. I am off to a good start, Molly and I did some Christmas shopping yesterday and I was able to check a couple names off my list. Of course most of what I bought was for her! But she promises to forget about everything she picked out and be surprised come Christmas morning.

Anyone else planning to be organized and ready for Christmas this year and not have to be wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve?