Monday, August 15, 2016

No Weeds!

I don’t what happened to me this year but I have been rather compulsive about my gardens.   I’m  not sure what to attribute it to, I guess a combination of a dog that doesn’t want to go outside by himself, a gator to run the full tubs of weeds to the compost pile rather quickly, and of course we haven’t had any rain for a while so that tends to slow the growth of even the weeds!     

I sure wish my mother were here to see  my gardens this year.    She would often stop by to see what was blooming  and she enjoyed showing hers off as well.  At 95 she had a gardener who did a lot of the work but she still managed to pull the weeds close to the house.   A couple weeks ago when my sister and her son switched houses I pulled a LOT of weeds at my mother's home so it looked nice for the new owners.  My sister had to much to do this summer packing for the move to pull weeds.