Friday, July 9, 2010

Creative Afternoon

On my list of things to do today was to do something creative.  I've been working a lot and not taking time to be creative, no stitching or scrapbooking or anything fun like that....  so today I put it on my list and decided to use some of the larkspur that I dried a couple weeks ago.  

Before I started my wreath I spent about an hour cleaning up my work space...I can create so much better when the clutter is put away, so spending the hour cleaning and putting away the accumulated junk in my work room was worth the effort.

First I poked around in the basement and found a wreath base

 step 2: I wove some larkspur into the base 

step 3: I hot glued some preserved hydrangea to the inside of the base to hide the ends of the larkspur and to  help to keep the larkspur anchored.    

step 4:  I went to the garden and picked some sea lavender and finished it off with a bit of that.

Finally added a ribbon.