Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look What's Blooming in my Garden

I took a few photos of some blooms today....

My back hurts….my legs hurt….ok, I’m hurting all over, the gardening has started and I’ve been walking on the treadmill. I’m definitely out of shape and since I started working full time back in October I’m sitting at a desk all day which has contributed to a weight gain of about 10 pounds!!! So, I’m walking and gardening and trying to get rid of the extra weight. And to make this blog about gardening, I’ve been cleaning up the gardens and digging out weeds, etc.

I'm starting to dread the gardening, it has started to become a chore and not fun like it used to be. Oh well, I will persevere.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Dinner

I cooked two Easter dinner's this year. My sister and her family were here Palm Sunday for ham and sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, pickled beets, corn and a trifle for dessert. The next week Molly came home again and brought a girlfriend so I did it all again with a slightly different menu although she asked for the same thing. She took dinner back with her to feed a friend or two.

Now I can get started on the dining room project. Actually I have meetings every night this week so it isn't going to happen till next week! but I'm getting closer to getting to the paint store!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Molly's Office

Today I had to go to the hospital for my yearly tune-up and while there my phone rang, it was Molly wondering what I was doing. She works at the hospital doing her internship in Communications this semester and she wanted me to come visit her after my appointment. So I got to see her in her office wearing a dress and looking rather professional. She feels all grown up now that she works in an office and has her own phone and computer. She even has her own office. So here is a photo of my little girl out in the business world!

She has tests next week….they were supposed to be this week but her professors moved them back to next week for her since she has mono and every few days seems to relapse and spend a day or two in bed! So say a prayer that she is soon feeling healthy and happy again. It would be no fun at all to have to pay for another semester because she was sick and couldn't finish!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Feel a Project Coming On...

I’m going to paint the dining room. I know it hasn’t been more than a year or two that I picked a very dark red wine sort of color for that room and although I liked it when I first did it, the novelty of it has worn off and I’m ready for robin’s egg blue. I looked for a chandelier yesterday and didn’t really find anything that I could get excited about so I guess maybe I’ll repaint the lamp yet again and see if I can revive it.

So tune in as my wheels keep turning and we repaint the dining room and add some crown molding. I’m having dinner here on Sunday so I have to wait till the following week to start painting because I sure don’t want to have the dining room torn apart before the dinner. I keep looking at the furniture and it is just crying to be white but since it belonged to my grandparents and has sentimental value I keep fighting the urge to paint and will keep the cherry color… But I’m hoping it looks better in a robin’s egg blue room.

Here is a photo of the dark dreary "before" dining room shot....