Saturday, March 16, 2013

Signs of Spring

I can't wait for spring weather to get here....  I've seen the signs, so I know it's coming,  but I'm getting impatient with mother nature this year!

Anyone else as anxious as I am?  I am watching the bulbs emerge from the ground and I have heard my friends talking about having seen robins in the area.  One thing I look forward to each season is purchasing a bunch of pussy willows.  I remember my mother having a pussy willow tree for most of my childhood and when we moved to our present location, I also planted a pussy willow tree. A few years ago it died and hasn't been replaced yet.   They are so easy to root in water and I'd love to have another one, so if anyone has one and can cut a piece for me, I'd be really happy!!!

Yesterday while I was out I found a bunch of pussy willows which brought back memories of spring and I purchased another hyacinth for this season.  Hycinths are my favorite flower this time of year.  I LOVE their fragrance.

What are the signs to you that spring is just around the corner?