Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Cookies

It took all weekend,  but we have cookies!!!!  Molly came home on Friday for a weekend of shopping and baking.   That was the plan....    

Friday we started off with lunch and shopping in Williamsport, about an hour from home.  On our way home we met Molly's best friend, Amy and we went to the Christkindl Market in Mifflinburg (my first time).   Arriving home by about 8 pm we mixed up a batch of sugar cookies so that we could begin the process Saturday morning. 

Saturday morning came and we started off with brunch then we mixed up some Chex mix and decided to go shopping.  We needed more decorating stuff for the sugar cookies so off we went.  We did manage to bake the cookies Saturday night so instead of baking all day Saturday, the plan was then to frost them on Sunday.    The cookies Molly found on Pinterest were beautiful and we were excited to make beautiful cookies to give as gifts, unfortunately Molly lost interest when she realized that it was going to be a bigger project than she was prepared for and I am a perfectionist so less than perfect cookies did not hold my interest until completion either. 

We never did make the peanut butter cookies or the chocolate chip cookies that were on the list.  I guess we should have started with those.  Next year I'm pretty sure we won't be quit so ambitious!