Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lucketts Was Everything and More!

On Saturday I went to Lucketts Spring Fair, or as my daughter called it, sensory overload!  I arrived about 11:30 am and met Molly about 2:30.  By the time she came I had made several purchases but hadn't seen it all!

It was a beautiful day and the vendors were really selling stuff....I was amazed that everyone was there to buy....no one walking around without carrying all kinds of stuff.   One of the highlights was meeting Miss Mustard Seed.  I love her blog and am so impressed by her generosity in sharing her techniques and tips.    I think her blog was where I was introduced to Annie Sloan paints.  I rarely use anything else anymore for furniture although  I am anxiously waiting to hear all about the line of milk paint she is developing.  I hope there is a pink in her line!  

We made a few purchases....I got a big lovely floral frog from Miss Mustard Seed, its already found a home in the enamelware bowl with several others.   I bought a big rhinestone bracelet to wear at Molly's wedding this summer, some pillows for the front porch and a topiary that I hope Molly brings home to me this weekend.   Molly bought a table for her entryway and carried it back to the car all by herself without complaining.

After being out in the hot sun all day we decided to get something to eat and then hit the mall but we decided to come back on Sunday because we were sure we probably missed some good stuff!   Going  back on Sunday was a good idea because some of the prices of things we looked at the day before were reduced.  In fact, we took Molly's fiance along and he bought her the vanity that we really liked the day before that was marked about $50 cheaper.  They also found a great bench for the bottom of their bed.

Ever since the weekend I have had visions of Lucketts and some of the beautiful furniture we looked at racing through my head.  I just negotiated on a lovely old sideboard that I can hardly wait to pick up and start painting.  I have a few more painting projects that I will be working on as well.  In fact, this weekend you can find me on the back porch, paintbrush in hand!   Hopefully at some point I will get back into the wedding mode real soon!

I will definitely have the Lucketts spring fair on my list of things to do next year, I can't wait!

(Sorry about the lousy photos, I wasn't even thinking about taking photos to show everyone.  Next year, better photos!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Going to Luckets!!!

When Molly and I went apartment hunting one stop I insisted on making was at Luckets antique shop near Leesburg, VA.  It was all I hoped it would be and oddly enough Molly thought it was great as well.  A few weeks ago when I went to visit, we drove out to Lucketts and had fun shopping and looking at the fabulous stuff.  A couple days later I got a text from Molly telling me that I have to go down there this weekend for their big show.  I sort of drug my feet because it is a 3 hour trip that I will have to make by myself, but if you know me and shopping....  I decided my best plan of action was to say a prayer for safety and go to Luckets!

When I visited Molly in California we went to the Vintage Market which was just wonderful with all kinds of white furniture and "stuff" that was begging to come home with me.  I think Luckets will be a bit more country but with 170 vendors I'm sure to find a few shops with french country themes.   I can't wait to meet Marion at Miss Mustard Seed  and check out the Graphics Fairy .  Who knew some of my favorite bloggers will be selling at Luckets this weekend. 

Can't wait til Saturday's adventure!