Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Book Marks

Ok, so I got a great idea a couple weeks ago to make book marks for Christmas presents. I like to have something little that I can give to people that I don't want to feel obligated to give me a gift but I want to remember them with something this year it was going to be book marks.

I completed a book mark but decided that it is to thick to be a nice bookmark. So, now back to the drawing board.... I'll need to think of something else. Anyone have any suggestions?

I guess I'll give this to my mom for Christmas. Mom's are supposed to appreciate anything, mine does....


Laurie said...

It's beautiful Kay! Have you thought of embelishing a paper bookmark with threads and fibers? Or you could skip the batting. Just a thought.


Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

Hi Kay,

I found your blog through the Shabby Cottage group. What a beautiful bookmark you have made. I had an idea for your dilemma of your bookmark being too thick. How about using some of those really pretty scrapbooking papers. You could cut them into various shapes and then glue them down to some cardstock that is shaped like a bookmark. Then, you could use a pen to draw in your "stiches" and then embellish with thin ribbons, etc...Just an idea...enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!