Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Knitting!

Last week I stopped by the local yarn and fabric shop to get material to make Halloween scarves for my dogs and noticed a lovely scarf that had been knitted. I looked on the internet and found a free pattern that looked like what I remembered that scarf to look like. One night I knitted it with some yarn I had on hand. What I had was not really what the pattern called for but it was close enough to inspire me to go back to the yarn shop and find the ribbon yarn that the pattern called for. I also found a yarn called Moonlight Mohair to go with it and started knitting. This scarf is on #17 needles so one evening of knitting and it's done!

Today I fought the urge to go to Joann's fabric shop to see what they had that I could use to make a scarf for my daughter..... I lost the fight and came back $50 poorer... Oh, the pretty ceramic turkey, tea pot and tea cup were on sale that I was watching so, I spent some of that $50 on those other necessary items.

So, here is my finished scarf.

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Laurie said...

Kay what a beautiful scarf! I went to Joanns on Friday and I wish I had only spent $50! There was some beautiful Christmas fabric I just had to have!