Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look What's Blooming in my Garden

I took a few photos of some blooms today....

My back hurts….my legs hurt….ok, I’m hurting all over, the gardening has started and I’ve been walking on the treadmill. I’m definitely out of shape and since I started working full time back in October I’m sitting at a desk all day which has contributed to a weight gain of about 10 pounds!!! So, I’m walking and gardening and trying to get rid of the extra weight. And to make this blog about gardening, I’ve been cleaning up the gardens and digging out weeds, etc.

I'm starting to dread the gardening, it has started to become a chore and not fun like it used to be. Oh well, I will persevere.


Adrienne said...

Awesome pics, Kay! I like how close you got to the flowers to shoot!

Joan Fricker said...

Beautiful pictures Kay!
I totally understand about not as much fun any more. It seems to get harder each year. It is amazing how out of shape we get over the winter isn't it?

~ Lindy ~ said...

you have lilacs blooming already??? i've seen color on the lilacs here but they aren't in bloom yet. that's my favorite flowering shrub/tree....i can't wait til i can get a whiff of that fragrance this year!