Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Community Yard Sales!

This past weekend our town had its annual Community Yard Sales. I really should have been getting rid of stuff, the attic and basement are full.... so full that when Molly decided to move across the country we had to rent a storage unit to store her stuff. We did spend about an hour in the attic on Sunday and got rid of some stuff...and almost have a plan for up there. And I'm not taking another thing to the attic or basement until I get rid of stuff!!!

In the meantime, I have plans for everything I bought at the yard sales this weekend. The pastel rug was $5, I can use it in almost any room in my house....I couldn't resist. The pot I am already using on my front porch and the cute little, white child's chair.... well..... I pulled off the contact paper and am using it on my front porch as a plant stand, but I may just clean it up, paint it and use it somewhere else. I bought a cook book and several plants also.

I spent the rest of the day scrubbing the front and back porch and bringing out some large plants that were in the house all winter. My porch is ready to sit on to watch the baseball games across the street all summer!


~ Lindy ~ said...

you didn't show us a pic of the porch!

Kay said...

LOL The porch looks like it does every summer....and this week all kinds of maple seed pods have blown onto it... I need to clean it again!!!! It's almost to cold to have plants out, I have my fingers crossed for tonight.