Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fun in Southern California

Last weekend I went to visit Molly and Matt in Southern California.  Molly had a lot of things planned for us to do but first on my list was the Vintage Marketplace December Show  It did not disappoint, the artists were amazing.  I loved so much of what I saw.  We just don't have good "stuff" like that in Pennsylvania.  I got some good ideas for my booth for next fall.   I purchased some great pieces while I was there and am enjoying them in my home.  Here are some photos that we took.

Look at the windows on this booth....can you imagine what it took to put it together?  Wow!  I love it.
Another of my favorite pieces that I left there for someone else.  This was on a mirror....  how did they do that?   Did I mention that the vendors had the best stuff?!!!                 I may have to plan another trip out there next December.

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