Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Going to Luckets!!!

When Molly and I went apartment hunting one stop I insisted on making was at Luckets antique shop near Leesburg, VA.  It was all I hoped it would be and oddly enough Molly thought it was great as well.  A few weeks ago when I went to visit, we drove out to Lucketts and had fun shopping and looking at the fabulous stuff.  A couple days later I got a text from Molly telling me that I have to go down there this weekend for their big show.  I sort of drug my feet because it is a 3 hour trip that I will have to make by myself, but if you know me and shopping....  I decided my best plan of action was to say a prayer for safety and go to Luckets!

When I visited Molly in California we went to the Vintage Market which was just wonderful with all kinds of white furniture and "stuff" that was begging to come home with me.  I think Luckets will be a bit more country but with 170 vendors I'm sure to find a few shops with french country themes.   I can't wait to meet Marion at Miss Mustard Seed  and check out the Graphics Fairy .  Who knew some of my favorite bloggers will be selling at Luckets this weekend. 

Can't wait til Saturday's adventure!

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