Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wedding Day

I've been planning a wedding for my daughter for a year and a half and finally the big day arrived.  The wedding was everything I hoped for.  I'm so lucky to have a sister who also likes to decorate.  She came in from Maine to help for the week.  One of her jobs was the floral arrangements.  I kept her busy for almost 2 days straight on flowers!  We had a lot of flowers. 

My inspiration for the day was this lemonade stand, Mr. Kay made it and it looked cute during the cocktail hour in the gardens. 

Another project that I was excited about was the white sideboard.  I found an old one and painted it to use as the cake table. 


I didn't snap very many photos but a couple other people did, so I have a few photos to show.

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stefanie said...

so beautiful!!!! I love that last photo thru the pink frame...gorgeous!