Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorite Flower!

Each week when I walk out into my gardens I see something that makes me smile and think "oh, they are my favorite!"  This week it is the iris, last week I was admiring the Lupine and the week before that as I smelled the Lily of the Valley I remembered that was one of my favorites.   Our lilac season seemed very short to me this year, I only had one or two bouquets in the house and they were gone!  I guess flowers are a little like children...they are all favorites, we love them all!   

 I have several varieties of iris, I am amazed at all the lovely colors available.  I am impressed by the very little amount of work required to maintain these beauties!  Just plant and forget about them.

This weekend summer officially arrives....  I just love summer and the flowers and warm weather!

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Nancy's Notes said...

Oh you sound like me! What's blooming and I'm loving, is my favorite! That's just the spice of life, right! Beautiful flowers!
I'll be back to see you!