Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I Love Fall!!!

I'm so glad that I live in an area with changing seasons because as fall is thinking about cooling things off I'm looking forward to warm colors and smells of burning leaves and the change in the season that I think of as Beaver Fair Weather....   

This week is the Beaver Fair so my end of town is bursting with activity; tractor pulls that sometimes sound like they are right outside my bedroom window, people and cars parked on the field in front of our house as well as behind our house, cows mooing, and the sound of the loudspeaker announcing cars parked at the wrong place or lost parents.

I usually get motivated to clean off my porch and put out some fall decorations this time of year since lots of people walk by our house.  This year in addition to a few pumpkins, and lights and leaves around the front door, I have added some lighted mason jars for ambiance....  I was visiting Molly last week and I went along with her when she delivered a meal to a friend of hers and as Molly was talking to her friend I noticed the cute jars she had hanging on her porch and remembered that I had some jars that were already wired that we filled with flowers for Molly's wedding so Sunday afternoon I hung them!

I'm ready for the Fair!

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