Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rose Gardening

A couple weeks ago the groundhog predicted an early spring and I have been thinking about gardening ever since. This year I would like to put in some more roses. I have a few David Austin roses that I love for fragrance but the stems have so many thorns on them that they really aren’t practical for a cut flower and I would like to have bouquets of roses in my living room so I am researching roses and have decided to devote one of my raised beds to hybrid tea roses.

I also have a couple climbing roses; one of them is planted at the end of the porch that doesn’t get any sun and I’d like to move it in the early spring to the other side of the porch. I will need Al to build me a trellis for it to climb on.

If anyone has any suggestions as to “must have” roses please email me or let me know in my comment section.

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