Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dining Room Project

I have been working on upgrading my dining room for the last couple weeks. The photos are the "before" and "after" shots. I am having problems photographing the dark walls in natural sunlight and it isn't working with a flash it actually looks better than the photograph. Anyhow, I painted the walls… it took about 4 coats of paint to go from white walls to dark rose. I also changed the curtains and had Al build me a couple cornices and then I took down the country look and put up sheers. I need a new tablecloth yet and a few more things to hang on the wall and perhaps some plates or some tall vases on top of the hutch. I’ll be looking for accessories come yard sale season!

I really like the new look and have learned from the project. The next time I paint a room I will take the following into consideration:

1. When painting a very dark color over a very light color…prime the walls first!

2. Don’t be afraid to try something daring…it’s only paint!!

3. Do not let a husband with no sense of design try to talk you out of what you are feeling!

4. Don’t panic or second guess yourself after only one wall is painted.

5. Nothing is ever inexpensive!... A painting project is never JUST a painting project. Remember you will need new curtains, prints for the walls, and other accessories. Ok, I think I knew that.

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kjquilts said...

Wow, what a difference! It really looks nice. I painted my kitchen the same dark color and had to put several coats on too, but I love it!