Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 Olympics

I have been faithfully watching the Olympics every night. I love all the stories about the athletes, how they overcome the odds to be the very best at their sport. It seems almost every athlete has an interesting story.

I’m guessing everyone’s favorite this year has to be Michael Phelps as he won 8 gold medals… What an accomplishment! As if that were not spectacular enough did anyone notice what he did after each race? He went over to his mother and gave her the flowers! In a couple of the interviews he talked about how special his mother was to him and about her sacrifice…. As a mom, I was impressed that the world’s top athlete this week gave his mother the credit.

I want to be Michael Phelp's mom!!!!


Linda said...

I also was impressed with how Michael treated his Mother.
As Mothers, we do sacrifice a lot for our children.. They might not know all the sacrifices we make, or we choose not to tell them. But in the end, most of them were worth it!
I remember my Son thought we were rich, because he would get some of the Christmas gifts that he asked for...If he only knew what we had to sacrifice to make sure our boys had a good Christmas.

Joan Fricker said...

I too was most impressed with Michael and his Mom. We probably can't even begin to imagine the hours she devoted to his sport. He was certainly a nice representation of America!