Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yard Sales

I love yard sales…I think getting a bargain is a big part of the thrill for me. I like “stuff” too, so although my husband has put a limit on the amount of “stuff” we will be bringing into the house, I can’t help myself…. I have to stop at a couple each week. I love dishes and so I’m always on the lookout for dishes and pretty plates. What grabs your attention? Today I found some lovely charger plates that look great with one of my everyday dish sets. With the chargers were the cutest little bowls that match the chargers and my dishes so I came home today a happy camper and only spent $5.

One thing I have learned about yard sales is that some people think their “junk” is golden! I went to one of those today and since it was someone I knew I felt like I couldn’t just walk away and not buy something since I engaged her in conversation. Luckily I found some gift bags that didn’t have a price tag on so I asked the price and since they weren’t hers she gave me a bargain and I came home with a few gift bags.
This year I got some real treasures at yard sales...I really like the coffee table that I painted a vew weeks ago and the dress form that is worth a couple hundred dollars. I am on the lookout for a vintage prom dress for her. I may have to check my attic, I probably have something that will do till I find something better. I'd love to hear of your favorite yard sale story...


Cottage said...

What a pretty place setting!! Love the blue!

I've been to those garage sales! I try to limit my 'collections' but sometimes there are fabulous things you just can't pass up. Can't wait to see the Vintage prom dress when you find it, how fun!


Kathleen Grace said...

Pretty dishes! I love garage slaes too, I always look for vintage embroidered pillowcases, linen dish towels and old rhinestone jewelry. Such an inexpensive form of entertainment:>)

Joan Fricker said...

You certainly have better luck than I do at garage sales. It seems the ones I go to only has junk. I love the things you have found and all that you have done with them.

Lori and Kara also have great look at them and come home with the cutest things. Not me.

I am so happy for you. The chargers and bowls are beautiful with your dishes!


Laurie said...

What a great find Kay! I think you did great and only spent $5!