Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ut Oh!!!

hmmmmm, my house is clean, my husband is out of town, I have a whole weekend to do whatever I want to do.... Last night I was reading blogs and one of them gave tips on cleaning and organizing their pantry. Well, mine is pretty disgusting right now so I thought maybe I'd clean and organize a shelf or two.... One of the things I remembered to do was check the dates of stuff and get rid of outdated stuff ..... Ok, here's a box of instant mashed potatoes, don't know when I would have used those so I checked the date and they are about ready to expire so I dumped them down the garbage disposal.... Ut oh....

I see now that I made a big mistake doing that.... I guess those flakes expanded as I added water to them and now I have mashed potatoes clogging my drain! Ok, so I know how to work a plunger.... hmmmm, well that isn't working... I'm thinking eventually the mixture of potatoes and water will bio degrade or something and I won't have to call a plumber. In the meantime I guess I'll take a photo and blog about it! I think I've done enough cleaning for today.

Ok, anyone have any stories to entertain me about the last time you did something really stupid?


Jess said...

LMAO... do you want my husband to come over and take care of it before your husband comes home?

pineapple_ing said...

Hello Kay,
Well, I've got you beat by a year... I turned 56 a couple of months ago. However, I'm what... 8 days late to say 'Happy Birthday to you!' Although I'm late, I'm glad to see you had a happy one.
Oops! I sure hope you managed to get your sink unplugged.
Love your 'little bit of pink' blog. Hugs, ~ Ing

Joan Fricker said...

Kay, I hope you got your drain unplugged!

Well, last week I was making applesauce, got on the computer and burned the entire batch. I was so mad at myself for doing such a stupid thing. I had to dump it all.


MMK said...

This was a LONG time ago, but my college roommate dumped macaroni down the drain because she thought ALL drains had a garbage disposal!! It set up like cement! Our landlady was not too happy! We also had a cat. Roomie fed it milk every morning before I got up, not realizing that cats are lactose intolerant. That cat was sick all over the place and I was always wondering why! I, on the other hand, fed it bologna strings (the outside edge of the bologna). I didnt realize that the kind I grew up with were ALL meat and the ones in the store where PLASTIC!! Poor cat! I ended up taking it home to my brother on a visit so it wouldn't have to suffer the stupidity of 2 college roomies any more!