Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today I cleared my schedule and did something that I enjoy doing, I went to an auction. It was an estate sale and located down the street from where I live. The family lived in the house from 1943 until about 9 years ago and the sale was today. The weather was almost perfect and the sale was held in a big old tent.

There was a lot of depression glass....I don't collect depression glass, nor do I collect slag ware or milk bottles which were all in abundance. There was a lot of primitive stuff but among all that, there were a few treasures....

I love the candelabra that I purchased, it looks great in my turquoise dining room. The large pitcher and glass has a repair and is not perfect. I was not happy to hear the auctioneers announce at the beginning of the auction that they don't have time to inspect the glassware and you buy it as they were not announcing the condition of anything.... I don't like that at all.....I bought the pitcher to put on the floor in the kitchen to fill with hydrangeas or something dried so it's ok that it isn't perfect. My husband put it on top of the china closet in the kitchen when I brought it home and it may stay there for awhile.

For $1 I bought some vintage dresses. One of them is already on my mannequin, they were not in good condition but good enough for Miss Frannie. I got great buys on doilies and dresser scarfs, etc. I was able to get the stuff for $5 a box. Can you believe no one else wanted them!

I love ironstone so I am always on the look out for it; the only ironstone that they had were two large platters. The biggest one is a size I don't have and weighs 8 pounds....can you imagine that platter with a 20 pound turkey on it? I would need to have someone carry it to the dining room for me! They sold them together and I bought them. I'll be using the large one to replace a metal tray I have propped up on the top of a bookshelf. The smaller one will be added to my collection of ironstone platters in the dining room on the shelves above the windows.

So that was my day.... I needed a day to just sit and do nothing! Today was the day.


Chatelaine said...

Great finds! I do love estate sales.

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway.

Tolentreasures said...

Great finds and what a fun relaxing day! I love the candlabra and can never turn away a box of linens and doilies. I am trying to clear Thursday afternoon to go to one here. Keep your fingers crossed!


its so very cheri said...

I love it all

~ Lindy ~ said...

I noticed the toile wallpaper in the kitchen.... I hadn't seen a photo before! How do you like the b and w ??? Send me a photo if you have one....I' like to see the finished product before Sept.!!!