Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Projects

I forgot to post my projects from two weeks ago…I painted Molly’s high chair for my nephew Tucker to use when he comes to visit….after he’s done with it, his brother Evan will probably sit in it. I forgot to take the “before” photo so picture a high chair with the finish baked off from being stored in the attic for about 15 years.

The second photo is a sign I made for Molly to put above her laundry area. She has been wanting a sign and every time we went someplace where they might have a “laundry” sign we looked but never found one, so I decided to make her one and she is happy with it….just a simple sign that I painted and then added glitter to. She isn’t much about a shabby look, she is much more into glitter!

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Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Those old wooden high chairs are so charming. I had one when my girls were toddlers. The laundry room sign is so cute. You might have been able to find a country-looking sign, but the pink blig is certainly unique.