Friday, August 28, 2009

Ready for Fall?

Today it has been cold and damp and miserable all day.... It feels like fall and I am not ready for that at all!!!! I came home from work and made corn bread (with the same recipe they used at Beaver Adams, my elementary school) and chili. That's one of the things I get hungry for when it gets cool...

Is anyone else feeling fall in the air? I stopped by the mall earlier this week and all I saw were dark fall colors and I was looking for summer sales. I think I'll hang on to summer for a while longer, bring on the salads and flip flops!

What signs are you seeing that tells you fall is just around the corner?


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

1. The number one thing I am noticing is the days are getting shorter. The sun is not quite up yet in the morning and its getting darker sooner. It's so much harder for me to wake up when it's not sunny outside.
2. Grange Fair
3. Plans to pull out the camper and bring it home.

Anonymous said...

Here in Maine the comfort foods are starting! Beans & hotdogs are in the crockpot for dinner tonight!We are having hurricane weather here today, hope we don"t loose the power before the beans are done!! Debbie (Maine)

RobinfromCA said...

No signs here yet. September is always one of our warmer months and right now we are having a horrible heat wave. I would love just a little rain and a cool day here and there but, like you, I'm not ready to relinquish summer just yet.

Happy Pink Saturday!

~ Lindy ~ said...

Many of the public schools around here are starting this Wednesday. Other than that.....the crayons, pencils, backpacks and notebooks are all on sale in the stores! I am still in 'summer mode' least I'm 'easing out of it' and into September. I think it's way too early to think fall!!

L Kells said...

The leaves on the swamp maples up the road have turned red already!

A sure sign of Fall to me is planning for our stay at the condo at Loon Mt for the NH Highland Games. (Sept 18-21)

JeanneZ said...

Here in Southern NY the trees are dropping their leaves it is in the 50-60's at night and 60's during the day. I LOVE it. The bees are turning really nasty. I had to burn out an inground nest last night think I just managed to piss them off. But today something dug up the rest of the nest. So guess they must be mostly dead. These were the nasty yellow jackets and liked to swarm and sting every time I went out the door.
Chili soup is my cool weather favorite.

myprimloves said...

Fall is here!! Blue skies, cool breezes! My favotite time of the year has arrived!