Sunday, April 18, 2010


Friday my plan was to do some outside grilling and when I tried to light the grill I was surprised to find some twigs and grass on the grilling rack. I suspected that a bird had gotten into the grill and abandoned his idea of starting a home there. I cleaned out the mess and grilled some hamburgers.

Today I was sitting in my bedroom and noticed a bird trying to get into the gas grill by going through an air hole on the side. I guess the bird had not given up, so I went out and lifted the lid of the grill.....I'll wait till the nesting season is over before closing the lid again.

I remember one summer at camp a bird had built a birds nest in one of the girls bathing suits as it hung on the clothes line. I had a family of birds in a hanging flower basket one summer and learned pretty quick not to purchase anymore hanging baskets until after the nesting season is over... not sure when that is. What is the oddest place you know that a bird has chosen for a home?

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Joan Fricker said...

Kay, what kind of bird was making a nest. Could be fun watching them, but then you will miss out on that grilled food.

I had an Easter wreath hanging at our back door and when I outside I found a big Robin's nest in it. Fortunately, there weren't any eggs in it, so I brought the wreath and the nest Robin though.

Then this week I had a bean vine growing into one of our Blue Bird boxes so I removed it. In doing so, I tore out a beautiful nest made with nothing but sticks. I felt so bad about ruining days of hard work. The only bird I know that uses sticks is a Jenny Wren, which I love. I hope she rebuilds and doesn't get mad at me and leaves.