Monday, November 29, 2010

Angry Birds

Do you have an iphone?  On Thanksgiving I noticed my nephew also has an iphone and I asked him what his favorite ap is and he told me he has been playing a lot of "angry birds" and he thought I would like it, so I downloaded it.  Five days later and a lot of "angry birds" and I have a full blown case of carpal tunnel syndrom.  Every couple years I deal with it, always in my right hand, sometimes I get it from gardening and sometimes being on the computer.  This time it is my  iphone and I have it from my fingers all the way into my arm. 

While I'm complaining I may as well mention that I had a growth thingy removed from my eyelid this afternoon, no pain involved just an inconvenience so far.  I seem to be falling apart.

And now the good news we had a nice Thanksgiving, my sister's family and my mother joined us.  No Molly this year so no green bean casserole!   Here is my table at Thanksgiving.... did I mention the turkey turned out well as did everything else.... I'm hoping today was my last day of eating leftovers!



Tolentreasures said...

Funny about the angry birds. How do you explain THAT to the doctor. I fight the carpal tunnel thing also. Painting, knitting, crocheting and an occasional computer game also. Rest it!


Lindy said...

Ut oh......this will put a big cramp on Christmas preparation!! I haven't started yet....but did some 'looking' today. My last day of work is Dec. 18 so I will be doing some shopping after that date...and maybe some in PA!

Jess said...

My friend Heidi said she flew home from Puerto Rico and the guy in the row over played Angry Birds the whole flight home... lol... I thought of you, and this post.