Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

I've been listening to Martha Stewart radio all week long and am learning about how to brine a turkey, and the correct wine to serve, even games to play following dinner.....somehow I think if I make it through dinner and clean up, I'll hardly be in the mood for games, but you know Martha, she covers all the bases! 

Tonight I purchased an actual roasting pan....I've been roasting a turkey for many years without the proper equipment.  I may be making turkey for the next 20 years and now I'm prepared.  If anyone in my family wants to take over the Thanksgiving dinner preparations they can gladly have my pan!  I also got a new crock pot tonight, broke my old one the last time I used it.  

I did some grocery shopping today and tomorrow I'll do some cleaning.  I hope to have time to organize so I can decide if I have all I need to pull off the meal. 

I'm also looking forward to Christmas decorating and if I don't do Black Friday shopping, I may just stay home and decorate!

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