Monday, April 25, 2011

She said "Yes"

Exciting news at the Philips house.  Molly is home to visit over Easter vacation.  They arrived on Friday, we hung out and had supper and when Molly was upstairs getting ready to go out, Matt asked us if he could ask Molly to marry him.  The plan was he would do it Saturday night after dinner.  She had called lost of freinds from college and high school and they were all going to hang out together.   Of course she had no idea that Matt was going to spring the question.   The ring was in a ring box tucked inside another box inside of a cake that she was supposed to cut.   When the cake wouldn't cut, Matt helped her with it and more or less was poking the cake to open the box....she still had no idea until she saw the small ring box....  the ring is beautiful and she said yes.

And now the pressure is on to lose a few pounds before I'm the mother of the bride....  she is thinking I'll have at least a year. 

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Susan S said...

It is fun to be the mother of the bride! I was so proud of my daughter as she really laughed off the wedding details that went wrong. Her attitude relaxed me. As she told me, the wedding wasn't the most important part. She just wanted to be married to her fella. That was 10 years ago. It is SUCH a blessing to see your child enjoy a happy marriage!