Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Goodness, How can it be that it is already 4th of July weekend here in Central Pennsylvania!   I have been so busy this summer that I haven't even taken time to blog.  I hope to change all that since I have lots to blog about!

Last week I havested some lavender.  I've got feverfew, peonies and larkspur drying in the attic already.  In an effort to keep busy and downsize a bit around here I have decided to become a vendor at Street of Shops in nearby Lewisburg, so I'll have a few dried flowers among my collectibles and miscellaneous items.  I want to make soap again but so far just haven't had a free weekend to get out the soap pots and get started on that.  And to be perfectly honest the soap kitchen needs some reorganization and cleaning!

Among other things Molly is coming home at the end of the month.  She will be getting married the first weekend in August of next summer and so I wanted her to come home about that time this year to look around and decide if we can pull off an August wedding or not.   We are seriously considering doing it here at the house with a tent and all, which could be a lot of fun.  So this summer I have been busy working outside to see if it will be possible next year to get all the gardening finished by the first weekend in August.  So far, I'm doing pretty well.  

We are planning on a productive weekend and hopefully by Monday we will be ready to relax and do something fun....I'll keep you posted!   Enjoy your holiday!

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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your lavender is beautiful!
Good idea to do a "trial run" of the gardens/conditions for a possible home wedding!
Chris and I got married in our own backyard twelve years ago... it's very special!