Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Perfect Weekend

I just had a perfect weekend.... Molly came home Friday morning so I finished up my work at the office and came home and hung out with her.  We talked about plans for her summer wedding and then cooked and got ready for company for dinner.  Very soon my blog will turn into a wedding blog as Molly's wedding will be here before I know it and there is lots to do....

Saturday we were up early and off to Williamsport to TJ Max, Olive Garden for lunch and then Macy's.  We ended up at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.    I bought a new suitcase for my trip in 18 days and some clothes for Molly among a few other things.  She bought a pair of boots that she loves. 

Saturday evening she went out to visit friends and this morning we went out for breakfast before she had to leave to fly back.  The weekend went by much to fast and I forgot to take photos!!! 

Now I need to get into the Thanksgiving mode and start planning the meal, etc.

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