Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer projects

This Summer is all about fixing up the space in the mountains.  Last summer we had a few picnics up there and sat around and discussed all the work that we had to do and how we might go about it.  We did the bare minimum.

 This summer we bought a camper that will be delivered on Saturday.  My nephew and his wife already have had their camper delivered so we plan to spend a lot more time up there relaxing.....but first we have a lot of work to do!!!!   We have electricity this year so that in itself is a step up, onward to figuring out how to get enough water in the spring house to be able to pump out to the campers. 

Last weekend I asked Mr. Kay if he would make me a serving table to put under the pavalion.  We have lots of picnic tables but it is a bit annoying to have to put the food on a picnic table and reach across the bench part to get your food....  so I went to Etsy and found a table that I thought would work for us and gave him the plans and a few days later I received this lovely table.  I did a bit of tweaking the original plans of course, I asked him to put floor tiles on the top of the table and as it turns out I like that look. 
Next up, a set of corn hole boards.....  just ordered the Penn State decals for them yesterday.  

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