Saturday, August 25, 2007

Favorite Things

Well Molly has been gone for a week, last year at this time she was checking in daily with a report. This year she has a boyfriend with whom she checks in with daily, I get no report. So, I have eaten everything in site during the past week as I adjust again to the empty nest. I really need to get a new plan for next week! I have been keeping myself busy up until tonight and now I am just really restless and bored. So I am entertaining myself reading blogs and thinking about stuff….

So how about a list of some of my favorite stuff: I love quilts, here is a stack of some of my favorite vintage quilts. Dishes…..I like to eat off pretty dishes and I have a few sets of them as well as some odd ones that make me feel good. I like my front porch. I like to sit on my front porch and enjoy watching people go by, I enjoy watching the kids practice soccer or baseball on the athletic fields across the street and I enjoy my gardens in the summer although as I am getting older they are becoming harder to take care of. My gardens may not make my “favorites” list in a few more years.

What are your favorite “things” that bring you enjoyment?

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Laurie said...

What a surprise we like some of the same things! I love your quilts! Reading blogs is a good way to occupy your time. I totally understand eating everything in sight when you are feeling a little alone/lonely! Hopefully Stewie won't keep you busy in a bad way but a good way! lol! I love reading his blog.

Laurie (your shabby friend)