Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to College

Why does one kid need so much “stuff”? We moved Molly back to college on Sunday. Two vehicles were not enough to get all her “stuff” transported. Lucky for me, her boyfriend volunteered to bring a truck and help us out. He was a big help and did all the heavy lifting!

We had about 2 hours to start unpacking before Amy, her roommate got there with all her stuff….I think she brought as much as Molly did so between the two of them, they should have everything they will possibly need. We did need another $50 trip to Walmart and then I called it a day.

Meg wanted to come home and get ready for her move to her college tomorrow. Her dad will be here in the morning to help her. So, after she leaves I’ll be cleaning and then doing whatever I want for the next month until Al comes back from Alaska. I am looking forward to the time for just me!

I’ll post my projects and progress…

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Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Have some great "me" time Kay!