Sunday, October 14, 2007


This weekend was our town's 25th Oktoberfest. My sister came home from Conneticut, my neice Megan came home for the weekend and Molly is on fall break so she was home too. Saturday morning Molly and I got up early and hit the streets. Mostly we were interested in getting pumpkin rolls. One for lunch, one for Molly to take back to school with her and one to freeze for Christmas. I found a cup and saucer to add to my collection, and a couple other things I thought I needed at the time.

I had lunch for everyone and then Molly's boyfriend came over and they carved a pumpkin. So now I have a pumpkin for the front porch. I want to get the impatience out of the urn out front and plant a chrysanthum this week also, my porch is still looking more "summery" than "fallish"!!!


Laurie said...

Ah how I wish my front yard was still looking summerish! I love pumpkins rolls. I made my first one last year and it was so yummy.
I hope we get to see your new cup and saucer. Treasure are always fun to see. Molly is beautiful!


Jane said...

Hi Kay, How is Stewie? I miss his musings!! BTW, I just tagged you over on my blog to participate in a meme. Hope you have the time.