Friday, October 12, 2007

Redecorated Sunroom

My summer project was redecorating the sunroom. Here are the before and after photos. I didn't really start with a redecorating project in mind. I only wanted to get rid of the awful carpet that the dog kept chewing and pulling out so I decided to remove the carpet completely and just paint the floor until my husband got home from 6 months in Alaska. He mentioned getting new carpet in this room when he got home anyway.

So, I thought I'd try something whimsical and fun in here and decided on creamy and plum colored squares because believe it or not the purple went with the pillows and accessories I previously had in the room. After the carpet was gone and the plywood floor was sanded and I putting the paint on the floor I kept looking at the green walls and decided that now was the time to change the walls also... I keep looking at everyone's pretty rooms in the shabby cottage group that I belong to and decided that if I ever wanted to do "pink" the time to try it would be when my husband was hundreds of miles away working in Alaska.

So, I painted the walls pink and brought in a large book shelf from my sewing room, a quilt rack and some new pictures for the walls as well as new pillows for the sofa, painted a washstand that was also in the sewing room and I'm just about done. I haven't gotten curtains up yet because I am out of money currently, but I have curtains on the list and hope to get them before Molly and Meg come home for Thanksgiving vacation.

So that's my summer project!


Cottage said...

Kay, it looks fabulous!! And I just LOVE the Plum shade you picked for the floors, I have that same shade for my stair railing...which oddly enough no one ever notices it's plum.

I think you did a beautiful job on the sun room!


Laurie said...

Kay what a transformation! It was beautiful before but now it's gorgeous. I love the shade of pink you chose. The pattern on the floor is wow! I can't find the words. You did a phenomenal job! What did your husband think? Is he back yet? I am sure he's going to love it, and I am sure you will both spend many happy evenings cuddled up in your new and improved sun room. I'm so happy for you!


Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

Hi Kay,

I just love your room! It's beautiful and the floor is fabulous!


TinaTx said...

It looks great! I painted the floor in my dining room - everyone thought I was nuts, but I love it. (I did it dark red then sponged gold and black - hides the dog hair really well!) If I can ever muster the energy to move everything out of this office, I'm going to rip up the dirty, needs to be re-stretched carpet in here and paint this floor too!
Enjoy your new room!