Saturday, March 15, 2008

Domestic Godess

I didn’t even take a shower this morning I got right into the cleaning mode…. Ok, I did check my email and chat with my niece who is staying here but after that I put on my cleaning hat and shampooed the carpets and cleaned up the kitchen, emptied the trash and even managed to support the cancer society at a bake sale. Yeah, I sure didn’t need whoopee pies and cookies but that’s what I brought home.

The sun is shining here in Central Pennsylvania and my bulbs are finally emerging. I read other blogs where their flowers are blooming already so I know it’s coming, I just have to be more patient than many of you other ladies out there! Since the weather is warm today I started to clean up some flower beds. Here is some crocus blooming and bulbs that are brave enough to stick their heads up.

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Laurie said...

I wish spring was comping here faster! Enjoy your beautiful weather.