Friday, April 11, 2008

Embellished pillow

Last weekend I was home alone and had a productive weekend planned but before I started the "work" I decided to play..... I had been to the dollar store a couple weeks ago and saw a pillow that I found interesting. I liked the colors and the pieced design of the pillow, but it needed something... like some embellishing. So last Friday night I went back to the store and bought the pillow, brought it home, unstuffed it, embellished it and then stuffed it again. I thought it would be entertaining for a couple evenings and a quick project that I could get on etsy... so look for it to appear on my etsy shop soon.


Joan Fricker said...

Kay, you just amaze m with your creative talents. This pillow is adorable. Joan

Gerry said...

What a great idea. The pillow is just darling. The soft colors on the white background are sooooo soothing!

Wendy said...

Oh this is simply beautiful and such a marvelous idea!!! Wow!!! I really like it.

The Rose Cottage said...

Great idea Kay, and the pillow is sooooo pretty :) I just love pillows.

Laurie said...

You did a really nice job! I love all the embelishments! It really adds to the pillow.