Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Templates from Carol Samples

This is a post for my crazy quilt friends…. I am bursting with excitement because last week I received my Carol Samples templates in the mail. I have spent a few days since getting it all organized into a notebook along with her instructions and some notes I have been making as well as some drawings of my own.

I purchased her book, Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches and I was so delighted with it that I just had to have her templates to further enhance my embellishing capabilities.

For those non-crazy quilters…. Carol Samples wrote a book that shows hundreds of stitch combinations so that anyone wanting to embellish a crazy quilt block will have absolutely no trouble at all finding stitches that will work for them. The templates are used as a guide to mark the fabric and then you basically connect the dots… ok, there may be a bit more to it, but that’s the general idea.

So I’m one happy camper now that I can easily thumb through Carol’s book when my creative energy needs a little jump start. Thanks Carol for all your help and for your creative geniusness! Carol suggested to me that I stitch a little bit every day… I am trying to do that so I can watch my work improve.

Happy stitching!!!


Gerry said...

You lucky girl! I don't know why I haven't ordered the templates yet...maybe someday.

Have fun!!!!

Joan Fricker said...

Kay, your templates look fun, especailly for you. I know you have enjoyed Carol's books and I am sure these will be a big help to you. You do such a wonderful job with your stitchery already, I can't imagine you getting any better. Joan

Diane said...

I like the idea of the templates! I'm pretty new to crazy quilting and they sure will help me be a bit neater and certainly more even with my stitching!

Nicki Lee said...

Your post makes me want to get mine out and start playing with them. I've had both the book and templates for over a year but never have had the time to just sit and work with them. Think I'll set aside some time soon - thanks for the reminder!