Monday, April 7, 2008

My Weekend

I look forward to the weekend when I have a day I can begin a project in the morning and have the whole day to be productive. I especially enjoy the weekends when my husband does his National Guard duty and I can work uninterupted. This weekend was one of those times, and I had a big productive weekend planned with lots of projects and no other plans.

I got a call on Friday afternoon from niece Megan who was going to stop by on Saturday afternoon on her way to another activity so I decided I better get the vacuum cleaner out and get the dog hair cleaned up before she got here. The rest of the evening was spent on a stitching project. It was very late when I went to bed, but that’s another thing I enjoy, staying up late and lounging in bed reading, etc. in the morning…. That was part of my plan as well.

Saturday morning came and I woke up with a pain in my back…. Hmmmm, wonder what that is? I must have twisted oddly in my sleep… but I had a day planned with projects so I got out of bed and went on with my day; painting the front door, visiting with Meg, washing some clothes…. The longer the day went on the worse my back felt… by 7:30 I took another advil and went to bed…. I NEVER go to bed early…

Sunday morning I skipped church and took another advil and by afternoon when my friend Jess called wanting to go to the movies I was feeling better and decided a movie would be a lot more fun than being productive.

So, this weekend I painted my front door white and little else got done!
The door was a dark blue and my blues really didn’t do anything for the porch. My plan is to use lots of pink flowers and accessories on my porch this summer. So now that it’s getting warmer, I’ll soon be accessorizing!


restyled home said...

Hi Kay!
I posted your kitchen photos today. Come by and have a look!


PattieJ said...

Hi, I wondered over from"restyled home" blog . Your front door came out nice! I need to paint mine! hehe. I also LOVE to stay up late and read my decorating magazines in bed and I also enjoy when my hubby is out of town and I can relax in bed in the morning with my big cup of tea and laptop visiting all of my favorite blogs uninterrupted. Hope your back feels better.