Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Lunch!

As an avid blog reader I am surprised at the number of women out there who blog about the beautiful food they prepare. I'm not one of them. I've got an idea that the world is divided into two groups of women, those who love to cook and those who cook to survive! I would be a member of the "cook to survive" group on most days.

I do enjoy sitting down to a beautiful table and beautiful food, but believe me the effort is wasted at my house. I have good intentions and have a small garden with lettuce and basil and other veggies growing and today I actually remembered to use them. Just for me, I picked some lettuce and basil and added it to my hamburger roll along with a couple pickles. I used more of the lettuce for a bed to put a dab of potato salad on and then cut up a strawberry to add a bit of color to the plate and I ate in the dining room and felt quite special.

Ok, so if you are not a member of the "love to cook" group, I have a challenge for you to go the extra mile this week with your food presentation and see if your family isn't impressed!

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