Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Boyfriend!!!

Ok, she says he isn't her boyfriend but they have been dating since about January and tonight I finally got to meet him. He graduated from the college Molly goes to in May and is back home looking for a job in Pittsburgh. Anyhow he is visiting with Molly and I met them both for supper before she had to go to her evening class. So I took the opportunity to take a quick photo.

Dan and Molly

The reason I was in Selinsgrove was to take the dogs to the PetSmart spa. Pardon me if I upgrade it to a spa in my mind, it was over $1oo to get a haircut for two dogs. Rusty did get his teeth brushed and had special shampoo.  Here is a photo of Rusty while he was getting clipped. The girl did a great job and they look and smell great!  And Stewart relaxing at home.

Rusty haircutstewart


~ Lindy ~ said...

awww....the boyfriend is just about as cute as the rusty and stewie! cute photos :)

Joan Fricker said...

I agree with Lindy!!! What great photos of all 3. I can't belive how different Rusty looks.

Stewie looks so much like Whiskers, they could pass for brothers.


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Molly's boyfriend is a cutie. Speaking of cuties, so is Stewart. I'm sure Rusty will be all dapper when he is done in the spa. I spend more on my Caesar's grooming than I do myself.