Friday, August 14, 2009

Life's Little Luxuries

One of the little luxuries in life that I have been enjoying for the past few years since I started working is getting my nails done. I have fake nails and I like the fact that I can go every two weeks and have my nails done and they are good till the next time I go. I confess that I chewed my nails until I was 21. I can remember telling myself I was old enough to quit biting them and I quit! So anyhow, I like my fake fingernails and I like a bouquet, or two of fresh flowers in my home. Right now my zinnias look great and I have been picking those from the cutting garden.

What do you enjoy that you consider one of life’s luxuries?

1 comment:

~ Lindy ~ said...

guess we are similar....i like nice nails and flowers also! you want some fresh hydrangeas?